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Carrantuohill offers an artistic performance, in which its music functions as a musical background for an extraordinary Irish dance show with at least 12 dancers performing.

Basing on many rehearsals and concerts played together with this superb dance formation TREBLERS, the group has made a project where Irish dance is presented in a master style and with numerous elements of the so called “step dance,” so characteristic for the dance coming from the Green Island.

Rich costumes and skilled dance choreography make all spectators feel enchanted.

There are several Irish music and dance shows functioning worldwide, however, most of them are deprived of “live music,” on which the Touch of Ireland project puts an emphasis, as the Carrantuohill is involved in it.

Since the beginning of their existence in 1987 the folk group CARRANTUOHILL has been performing traditional Celtic music. It is recognised as one of the best Celtic music group in Europe. It has played concerts ranging in all of the Europe (France, Germany, Belgium, Czech Rep, Slowakia, Hungary...) from Moscow to Ireland. It has also performed in the United States, answering to a personal invitation of the Nobel Prize-winner Czes?aw Mi?osz. The Carrantuohill group has gained its rich experiences during numerous visits to Ireland. The group paid futher visits to Ireland in 1997, 1999, 2002, 2004 and 2005 where they took some shots of the country for Polish Television TVP2 in cooperation with film crew. At that time the group performed at Cork Folk Festival – one of the most renowned Irish festivals where they shared the stage with the legend of the Irish accordion Jackie Daly. Carrantuohill performed also “Dancing with Lunasa” festival and many concerts in Dublin, Sligo, Kinnitty, Donegal, Galway...etc. Every video clips for Carrantuohill were produced in Ireland. Members of the group play the traditional Irish musical instruments like: tin whistle, bouzuki, violin, bodhran, uilleann pipes…

Treblers - dynamism, expressiveness, energy and original choreographies - this is what Treblers is showing to the audience. Always fascinated by the power of Irish tradition that can be adapted to modern reality the group tries to explore the dance and thus offer the audience tradition and innovation in equal measure. The group is one of the oldest Irish dance groups in Poland - already performed in such distinguished venues as Warsaw Congress Hall, The Musical Theatre Roma, Theatre on Water, Rampa Theatre, Leon Kruczkowski Theatre in Zielona Góra and was many times featured in television broadcasts. In order to improve the dancing skills, Treblers has collaborated with such esteemed teachers as the Riverdance dancer Anne - Marie Cunningham, Joel Hannah(Riverdance, Fire of Dance, Dancing of Dangerous Ground) and Lisa Delaney - the choreographer of popular dancing show "Fire of Dance"...

The vocal in this project belongs to special guests Robert Kasprzycki or Anna Buczkowska, who are excellent at the traditional Irish songs.

The concert takes 2 x 50 minutes.

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